Indecencies & Obscurities

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Honestly.. My ex and i are having the same conversations over and over again. He’s explaining how i don’t truly know him and that i’d want to be with him if i did, over and over again. And he’s making me tell him over and over again why we can’t be together. And he’s just as surprised and hurt every time. It’s horrible. I don’t know if his mind is running amok lately and if that’s why he doesn’t remember anything or if he just doesn’t want to accept it and hopes for a new reply every time. It is absolutely exasperating.

Love is not an argument for him to win but he doesn’t get that. If i don’t feel the same way for him anymore, then that should just be it. You can’t get a better reason for breaking up than that. And one can’t be talked into being in love. They either are or they aren’t. Try and get it, will you?

  • B: Do you think you would ever want to get back together again?
  • Me: No. And i don’t want to get into it again. I’ve replied to that question at least three times. I remember specifically where i was at when i replied to that question. (…tells him the places so that perhaps he’ll remember my reply)
  • B: Can you just tell me, please
  • Me: Don’t you remember the reply i gave you the other times?
  • B: You said that (…things that i hadn’t replied to that question)
  • Me: That was not what i replied, i said those things at other times when you were making me state reasons why i thought we aren’t good for each other.
  • B: I know you’re gonna be frustrated with me when i say this but what was the question you’ve replied to three times then?
  • Me: Whether or not i think that i’ll ever want to get back together again.
  • B: And what was your reply those three times?
  • Me: No
  • B: So it’s a flat no then, huh?

Emilie Nicolas -

Let You Out

Like I'm A Warrior

my ex has been a freakin nightmare lately! he said he was sorry for all the things he’d said to me and how he’d behaved. and then he went and said that he’d make it up to me. by that he meant that he’d try and do better if we gave it another go and give the relationship the attention it deserved. he still doesn’t get it. i don’t want to go back to being in a relationship with him. i’m really beginning to realise that perhaps exes can’t be friends.